Sunday, January 24, 2010

EVERY single piece of jewelry on SALE!!

Happy 2010 Greetings to you all!

Please forgive my tardiness in wishing each and every one of you a DELIGHTFUL and Wonderfully Splendid NEW YEAR!

I was trying to think of a way to thank everyone for their support of Noble Studios Ltd. this past year so I decided to have a HUGE sale! I've slashed prices...yes you heard me correctly...SLASHED all my PRICES!!

I was originally going to just put a few pieces on sale BUT I got a little carried away and have included EVERY SINGLE PIECE in my entire shoppe! Everything is drastically reduced....some of the pieces are actually 75% off**********AND just in time for VALENTINES DAY!!

Here are just a few examples of the 79 items on sale!

75% OFF were $29.00 now $7.25
Antiqued brass "paris" cufflinks!

SALE was 69.00 now 49.00
Pink bumblebee earrings!

75% OFF was 42.oo now only 14.oo
Antique photo frame!

1/2 OFF was 79.00 now 39.00
WILD antique rhinestone "SPRAY" brooch!

SALE was 65.00 NOW 45.00
Steampunk Red Bicycle Brooch!

SALE was 69.00 now 59.00
Silver ring with antique pocket watch parts embedded in resin!

Was 47.00 NOW 27.00
"Junior Aviator Award" Pin!

SALE was 119.00 NOW 89.00
Beautiful pin made from authentic antique pocket watch case and antique photo!

SALE was 69.00 NOW 49.00

Antique Birdie postcard inside tiny 1920's wristwatch case WITH HEART!

SALE was 49.00 NOW only 29.00
STEAMPUNK mechanical butterfly earrings!

SALE was 69.00 now 49.00
Antique typewriter brooch!

SALE was 87.00 now 67.00
Pin made from antique "health crusader" pin and glass carrot beads!

1/2 OFF! was 42.00 now only 21.00
Steampunk watch and wing pin!

If you'd like to see these pieces and TONS MORE just click on the link below!

Noble Studios Ltd. on Etsy

NEW POLICY for 2010! If you spend at least 99.00 you will receive FREE SHIPPING, insurance AND delivery confirmation. The pieces that are at least 99.00 by themselves are already listed WITHOUT shipping BUT if you purchase two or more pieces that total 99.00 I will immediately refund your shipping costs thru paypal!

Please let me know if you have any questions and thank you so much for your continued support!

Faithfully yours,
Violette Noble

Noble Studios Ltd.