Monday, October 10, 2011

MY 500th SALE will save you MONEY!!

Hey everybody!

I just noticed that my sales are at a whopping 497!

I'm thrilled!

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Faithfully yours,
Violette Noble

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Saturday, October 1, 2011

I ADORE hats!

Happy October everyone!

Maybe it's because I've been watching a lot of "period dramas" the last few weeks but I've been thinking a lot about hats...women's especially...and wondering when (and WHY) we stopped wearing them!

One of the thing that amazes me about hats is how endless the variety it! Colors, styles, feathers, materials! I wish we'd start wearing them again!

I suppose there's nothing really stopping any of us from wearing them so why don't we? Do I have the "nerve" or the "confidence" or the HUZTSPA???

Oh well they are sooooooooooo much fun!

Here are some of my fav hats from years past that I've owned. Some I still have, some have been transformed into other works of art and some have been sold. (single tear.....)


These first few photos are of vintage hats I've purchased and re-made....either by cleaning, adding a new band and/or feathers, flowers or whatever strikes me as FUN! Don't you just LOVE the first hat?!?!?! I sold that one right before Easter of this year. The little bird is wearing an antique drawer pull "hat"!

These next ones are my steampunk hats! I bought some GORGEOUS handmade black wool hats (not cheap by the way) and had a great time making top hats for the steampunk crowd! The first photo is how they look before I "have my way" with them!

The next photo shows a hat I made for a wedding! Doesn't he look great??!??!

Just a few more steampunk hats that I had a great time with! (yes that IS a vintage leather belt!)

The next photos are all one hat BUT the customer requested 3 different feathers that would tuck down inside the band for different looks! Which one do you like best! (I LOVE them all but am partial to the pheasant feather!)

These last hats are hats I made from standard hat forms...most of them are mini top hats...which I love...and are held in place with two clips.

I hope you enjoyed this stroll down memory lane!

Send me photos of your favorite hats or hats you wish you owned and I'll post them!



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