Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Little Violette and her "to do" list

Here's another jewelry design that inspired a little story snippet! Is there anything cuter than an acorn? I DON'T THINK SO....

"It was a crisp autumn day and she sat under the old oak tree that was close to overtaking their backyard. She visited her mighty friend every day no matter what the weather. It was HER place and somewhere she could be herself completely. She had gathered enough acorns to make little hats for her tiniest dolls, made the perfect daisy crown (after ruining 3 others) and arranged a row of 17 of the prettiest leaves she could find.

She decided they needed names. The red ones she named….crimson, burgundy, garnet, russet, bittersweet and ruby. The yellow ones she named….sunshine, lemon, saffron, amber and buttercup. The orange ones, since they were pretty much all the same color (and she was tired) she decided to name “orange”. The last thing on her list was to gaze up through the branches of the massive tree and watch the light from the sun, dance to and fro with every breeze."

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