Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The story behind Noble Studios Ltd. Steampunk Cameo Earrings

Happy April everyone!

I've been sharing some of my jewelry that have stories behind them and here's one of my favorites!

The earrings are made from actual antique cameos and there's a lovely story to go along with it!

"She waited by the window but was careful to conceal herself from the light as she did not want to appear too eager. But she was.....she was so in love with him that the very thought of him took her breath away. Every waking minute she spent dreaming about the time when they would be together again.

His parents did not approve of their love. Her family lived in a small cottage close to a section of London everyone called "The Gutter" and his family lived just outside the pearly gates of Halifax Park. His parents concern went unheeded as they spent many hours making secret plans for the future.

She was dressed in a breathtaking velvet evening gown that her mother had arranged to borrow from her cousin. It had yards of delicate handmade lace and layer upon layer of billowy petticoats that rustled even when she simply took a breath. Her ears were adorned with her Grandmother's antique cameos and she felt like a queen. He was dark and handsome and she could only imagine how every eye would be upon them as they floated into the Grand Magna Opera House.

This was the very first time she had been invited to such a lavish and magnificent place but she had no fear, as she would be with him.

As she stood there waiting for him in the shadows of her humble home she couldn't help but wonder if tonight would be the night that her life would change forever."

I'd love to you to take a look at this piece on etsy just click on the link below to view the fabulous cameo earrings!

Cameo Earrings

And if you'd like to take a look at my entire shop just go to:

Noble Studios Ltd.

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