Thursday, August 26, 2010

DIY project using ONLY what I had on hand!

Greetings all!

I'm trying to downsize since we are empty nesters now and in the process have sort of changed my decorating style. I ended up needing quite a bit of new art for some of the areas in our home that I changed.

I did find something I really liked for our entryway but it was 150.00 at Cost Plus. I know that's not really too bad but I just didn't want to spend that, especially when I knew I could re-create it!

OK enough talk! HERE WE GO!

I found some foam core board that fit the frame I wanted to use (16" by 20") and painted it with the same color I painted my living room. It was sort of a soft warm gray but of course you can use any color you want. Don't worry about what "kind" of paint you use. Contrary to what "experts" will tell you, you CAN use house paint...indoor or outdoor, craft paint or any other water base paint you have laying around. As long as it's water base you can mix it for different colors and effects. Even if one paint is glossy and one is flat it still is'll just come up with a "semi-gloss"! (: Just make SURE they are all water based.


I took some pieces of thin plywood and cut them into appropriate sizes so that I would have 3 "tiles" across and 4 "tiles" down on my art. If you don't have a saw or plywood you can easily use foam core board for the tiles also. I ended up with 12 blank tiles that measured 4" by 4".

After you get these cut and sanded (use an exacto knife and some very fine sandpaper for the core board) I cut out 12 pieces of the same size paper from my PILES AND PILES of scrapbook paper! Don't get too hung up on what to use. If you don't have scrapbook paper use old letters or ephemera, comic strips for a child's room, a photo that has been enlarged and cut into 12 pieces etc. The skies the limit on what you can use!

Then using mod podge (a collage glue that's available at any craft store) I brushed it on the back of the papers and the front of the squares and "smooshed" it down with my hands and fingers. If you don't have any mod podge you can easily use elmers glue that has been watered down just a bit. Don't worry about getting any on the dries clear and I just brushed a bit on the front after I was done gluing anyway. Even if it crinkles a will just add to the dimension! You can usually flatten it out a bit when it's dry anyway.

I used some fine sandpaper to sand the edges to make them look old but of course if you want a cleaner look you don't need to do that!

I needed some "spacers" for between the background and the tiles so I found some wooden game pieces that worked perfectly! I think they were Jenga pieces so they were all the same size and width! You can use anything for spacers, bottlecaps....etc....anything that has a uniform size and thickness.

Using E-6000 (the best glue in the world!) I glued the spacers to the back of the tiles and LET THEM DRY OVERNIGHT! This glue is fabulous but it takes a while to dry so don't try and glue everything together all at once or you'll have your tiles floating around something terrible! If you want to use hot glue that will work too and then you can glue them together all at the same time!

Then I used glue on the back of the spacers (that already have the tiles glued to them) and glued them on my "background". I didn't really doesn't end up coming out just right. Just use your eye and make sure the space between the tiles is fairly even. The space around the top and bottom doesn't really matter OR even have to be the same as each other.

I don't know about you but I LOVE antique frames! I have so many of them it's ridiculous but I keep buying more! I rarely, if ever pay more than 5.00 for one and use them all the time. I ADORE them when they're chipped and have lots of paint loss! I think they're beautiful! Some people like to repair the gesso that has come off but I like them just the way they are!

I painted this old frame with BLACK GLOSS spray paint. Gloss is all I had and I thought the finish and color gave this antique frame a newer, "hipper" look! Use any kind or color paint you all works!

When the frame is dry I mounted my finished Art into it and hung it up! PRETTY good for NO MONEY don't you think?!?!?

Have a wonderful day and open your eyes to the BREATHTAKING beauty all around you!

Faithfully yours,
Violette Noble

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