Thursday, June 9, 2011

Working with Resin Part II


Hope you enjoyed the (long) tutorial yesterday about working with resin!

Here's a little more info!

You can actually use items that have holes in them or are open backed. I'm sure there's a "right" way to do this BUT this is the way I do it and it seems to work.

If you're working with a paper image, mount your image on a piece of fairly heavy cardstock and trim it to the same size as your image. Then as you glue just leave this as your base so that you will have a fairly heavy backing.

******Note...if your image is warped after using mod podge on it just gently bend it back into shape. The mod podge makes it flexible and easy to straighten.

When everything is completely dry I mount my image inside whatever I'm using as a bezel and "tack" it in with a few beads of E-6000. Depending on the piece you might be able to mount it right into the bezel OR you might have to place it on the back side of whatever you're using if it has a lip on the back to mount to. You just have to sort of take each container as they come and be inventive!

The when that's fully dry I fill in any seams, cracks or holes in the back with E-6000 and let that dry. Sometimes it tries to seep thru and you want to make sure you keep the glue in the back only!

Then when you're SURE there aren't any openings in the back just make sure you give your image another good coat of mod podge paying special attention to the outside rim of your image where resin can seep through. (See yesterday's post for complete instructions for using resin)

If the back looks unsightly I just cut a piece to fit on the back from some pretty paper or vintage text and mod podge it on!

Below are a few different things I've used in this way.

Various brass findings

Antique military laundry pin

Vintage brass cabinet label

Wristwatch and pocket watch cases



You'll notice that some of the pieces have little charms or vintage items added. We'll talk more about how to do that tomorrow PLUS what to do when things go wrong!

See you tomorrow!

Love Violette

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