Thursday, November 4, 2010

She made my WEEK!

Hello everyone!

I just received about the nicest email I've ever received and the sweetie pie that sent it has given me permission to post it!

Here's what she purchased!


Hello Violette,

I felt compelled to write to you because I want to tell you how much a appreciate the extra care and creative touch you put into my package. I ordered earrings that I love but I have to say that the whole package was awesome. I knew it was special from the moment I saw the label on the outside of the box. Then when I opened the box and saw the tinsel I grabbed my camera and took photos of each step I took to open the package and reveal my earrings. And then to add a piece of dark chocolate (my favorite) was fantastic.

Your creativity and pride in what you do shows not only in your lovely jewelry but down to the packaging. This package made me so happy I wrote about it in my "happiness journal." I thought you might like to know how happy you made this customer. As a matter of fact, I went onto your Etsy shop today and ordered a necklace. I love your jewelry.

Thank you again,

Can you believe how sweet that was of her?

Just wanted to share....have a happy Friday!

Love Violette
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